About Us

Hey there beautiful,

Do you ever stop to think about the beaches, the sea creatures whose home we visit every summer?

The beautiful Sun that gives us our hot summer bikini tan?

We believe we are all connected, and we care about giving back to our beautiful home planet.

We wanted to make fun in the sun more meaningful and help connect people around the world. With that in heart, we have created BIQINIZ.

We want you to feel great about yourself 

That’s why we make sure to combine classic designs to fit all beautiful shapes, and hot ever-changing collections to make you stand out in the hot summer crowd. 

And what's better than making sure our biqiniz help protect the beautiful beaches we wear them to? 

That’s why 10% of our proceeds are donated SeeTurtles.org who are working on different fronts to help save our beautiful oceans and their extremely cute wildlife.  

Six out of seven species of sea turtles around the world are endangered or threatened due to poaching, getting caught in fishing gear, plastic pollution, and many other reasons. SeeTurtles.org supports important turtle nesting beaches around the world where human activities such as egg consumption threaten sea turtle populations.

For every Biqiniz set sold, SeeTurtles.org can save at least 25-45 hatchlings. Your support will help get hatchlings to the sea and provide income for rural communities around Latin America.


Yours truly,