Side Tie Bottom

A side tie bottom is one of the sexiest of swimwear. It gives moderate to little coverage around the hips. The structure of the side tie bottom leaves the hips bare and just tie the knots on the sides with spaghetti ties or with the sash ties. The way these side tie bottoms increase the sex appeal and elegant beauty of the perfectly defined figure is everything that makes the girls fall for this beautiful swimwear.

Side tie bottoms look sexy on every woman. Whether you are a busty woman or have a sleek and thin body shape, this type of swimwear will flaunt perfectly on every body type. Most of the banana-shaped body type girls seem confused about the choice of the swimwear they should go for. As the busty figure will flaunt any type of bathing suit easily, looking superbly sensational and sexy without much trying. Here, if the girls with banana-shaped body type go for the side tie bikini bottom then they'll instantaneously feel the illusion of long legs, and how perfectly the design and style of this swimwear will hug their skin. If the swimwear is hugging your body in just the right manner, fits you perfectly and you just love the color of it, then feel confident and pretty as you are definitely looking pretty and immensely beautiful.

Kara Dark Red Bottom
Nelly Striped Bottom
Skylar Maroon Bottom
Sofia Polka Dot Bottom

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