Plunged Bikini Top

A swimsuit with a plunging neckline has a long V cut that seeps through deep down, often reaching as below in the middle section as reaching the navel area. This stylish cut in the neckline going down below perfectly expose the right amount of busty breasts and attractive cleavage. As it draws major attention. A plunged bikini top adds an additional sex appeal and stunning beauty to a swimwear.

The plunging neckline swimwear collection suits every body type perfectly, it just has to be perfectly sized, body-hugging and smooth on the skin. There is a huge range of styles and cuts available while keeping the plunging factor intact. In addition, the V cut is made with a lot of different variations and styles, and all the different styles add more beauty to the whole garment. Depending on your personal preference and requirements for the depth of the cut, you can choose from millions of options. The availability of plunging neckline swimwear in different colors, prints, and designs make it look even more phenomenal and famous. This type of swimwear increases your boldness amazingly well.

Alyssia Apricot Top
Emily Pink Top
Emy Black Top
Francesca Collar Top

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