Molded Top

The shape and thickness of the molded cup bikini lie between the texture and architecture of padded cup and a soft cup. The material of the foam cup is permanently shaped up into the perfect breast size. In addition, adding more elasticity and support to the whole garment, a thick padding is also added at the bottom of the cup giving it an additional push up appearance. This preformed cup of the molded cup bikini is "semi-firm", meaning not intensely dense with an exaggerated thickness of the foam padding. Rather the inside of the molded bikini is made with the thin layer of highly soft foam padding that gives it perfect rigidity and right firmness to the breasts.

Especially the busty girls or the girls with the body shape of an inverted triangle will love how this molded bikini bra will high their breasts. The right amount of padding, thin soft foam, and the perfect shape of the bra top, all ensure that the molded cup bra will perfectly hold its shape and will not add any extra padded appearance to the wearer.

The molded cup is often used in the underwired tops, giving the body amazing support, integrity and defined shape.

Daina Retro Top

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