Hipster Bottom

Hipster bottom is among one of the hottest and latest swimwear trends. These bikini bottoms settle a bit lower on the hips forming a cute appearance showing off a cool retro look with a twist of a modern touch. These are also called hot pants or hot shorts for swimwear. Sitting perfectly on the bottoms, the hipster bottoms proved to provide perfect coverage to your rear.

For all the girls looking to follow the latest fashion trends, the hipster bikini bottoms form a perfect code for the 60's or 50's retro fashion look, that is re-emerging in the modern era of fashion. And most importantly, while wearing a bikini the hipster bottoms look amazingly sexy while simultaneously shying away from the not so pleasing nooks and corners of the body.

Available in various shapes and sizes, the hipster bottoms give a perfect fit for women of all shapes and sizes. In addition to that, these swimsuits are extremely comfortable, super trendy, and extremely flexible to wear. The close-fitting and skin-hugging style of these swimsuits makes it favorite of all the girls. You can also use it as a lingerie.

Due to its superb qualities, the hipster bathing suit has gained humongous popularity over the past years.


Daina Striped Bottom
Gaia Green Bottom
Karen Sunny Bottom
Nina Scrunch Bottom

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