High Waist Bottom

Neither vintage and far from calling it just arrived; and yet a high-waist bikini is the most mesmerizingly appealing swimsuit of the modern day. The way it fits on each and every body type, shape, and size of a woman body, is just perfect to flatter a sensual body posture. It's a definite hit for women of all shape and sizes all over the world.

As its name shows, a high waist bikini bottom impeccably hides out your love handles and brings out a fitting, more aligned and gorgeous body shape. The magic of such a beautifully shaped, perfectly fitting garment and beautifully stylized high sized bottom swimwear comes into action. Letting yourself out in the open with confidence, style, and gorgeous beauty by wearing this swimsuit, it will make you love yourself even more.


Alyssia Apricot Bottom
Angelica Strappy Bottom
Angie Azure Bottom
Gwion Blue Bottom

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