Full Bottom Bikini Sets

The full bottom or full coverage bottom comes under the category of modest swimwear collection and provides more coverage to the lower side of the hip. Definitely a perfect pick for all the girls opting for a humble appearance on the beach side.

A full coverage bikini bottom superbly hugs the skin giving a perfect low rise stretch. The ease and comfort level of this type of swimwear is of next level. The seamless construction and phenomenal rear coverage beautifully shape up the bottoms, showing off the gorgeously defined and well-worked framework of the feminine figure.

For all the women out there who wants to choose something sensual yet covering a wholesome portion of their bottom, will definitely feel beautifully confident in a full bottom coverage swimwear. And to amalgamate beauty with the modesty, these bottoms are available in a variety of beautiful designs, colors and appealing prints. A wide collection of these full coverage bottoms makes it superbly easy to pick the perfect one as per your likeness.

Concisely, no matter what body type you belong to, or how thin or busty your figure is, a dull bottom coverage swimsuit will accentuate your personal style fabulously and rather enhance the natural beauty of your figure.


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