Brazilian Bottom

The Brazilian bottom offers absolutely little to no coverage to the bottoms. In this swimwear, the bottom is more like things with a similarly stylized bra top.

Going on a beach is not all about enjoying the cool summer breeze or laying down on the cool sand under the hot sun, and also not just playing and enjoying with a bunch of friends. To be on the beach requires to fulfill all the rituals, follow up of all the rules and regulations of owning a fabulous beach style. And to do that at its best definitely requires a cool Brazilian bikini bottom.

Knowing the basic stylizing of the Brazilian swimwear, there is an amazing collection of diverse swimwear available under this category. And every piece pop up the natural beauty of the feminine figure to the fullest. The cuts and designs of this swimwear are just the perfect picks to show off a beautifully defined and gorgeously toned perfect body shape. There is an enormous range of colors and styles available in this range that makes every body shape look absolutely stunning and fabulously attractive. 


Cassie Pattern Bottom
Dani Brazilian Bottom
Emma White Bottom
Joanne Green Bottom

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