Tricks For Taking An Amazing Photo In A Bikini for Instagram

Having your picture can be stressful enough, having your picture taken in a bikini is even more so, not to mentioned posting it on social media. To make your next photo op feel more enjoyable we’ve rounded up some tricks and tips to help you get the perfect bikini picture for Instagram.
Feel Confident

Feeling good and confident in your bikini is the best way to acing your Instagram content. It all starts with choosing the right swimwear for you, whether it’s a bikini with cut outs like the Francesca Collar Top, a modest tankini or a floaty kaftan. Always choose a garment that fits your personality, enhances your assets and allows you to feel great, never choose based on peer pressure, trends or passing fads. If you don’t feel comfortable and confident in your beachwear choice, it will show on camera.

You know your body better than everyone, including your best angles, the colors that suit you and the poses that let you look your best. Experiment in the mirror and see what poses enhance your figure and let your personality shine through. Remember your pose when choosing a bikini, if you prefer a side on pose pick a bikini with tie up detail, like the Jodie Leopard Bottom, if you’re just picturing your top half choose a bikini top with an interesting cut or with unique accent.

Poses are important

Even the tallest models stand on their tiptoes during photoshoots, it makes your legs look leaner, stronger and leaner. Alongside high cut briefs, like the Kara Dark Bottoms, pointing your toes elongates your shape and always cross your legs at the ankle.

Push your hips out to lift your bum and create an arch in your back, this will give your body a flattering curve. Don’t suck your stomach in it will make you look stiff and the skin around your tummy bumpy. It’s usually obvious when someone is holding their stomach in and followers will assume more is being hidden than probably really is. Exhaling and flexing your abs looks much more flattering.

When in doubt, raise your arms about your head, it will give you an instant lift and make everything look longer and leaner.

Find a Great Background

Finding a good background is as important for the image as your bikini, makeup and pose. Think about the image you want to portray to your followers. Do you want to look playful on the beach, lounging in luxury by the side of the pool or do you want to look like you’re mid-way through a great party? Which poses suit your bikini, is it athletic, flirty or sultry?   

 If you want to stand out skip the idyllic paradises and try and find untouched landscape or head to local markets, harbors and cafes where you can capture a glimpse of local culture.

Sun-kissed skin and bold bikinis like the  and bottom look fantastic under golden sun rays, against sandy beaches and dipped into bright teal ocean water.

Sometimes your favorite vacation destination doesn’t have the right background or a quiet place to take a photo, take it at home or in your hotel room. All you need is a full-length mirror near good sunlight. If you don’t have a tripod at home, use a self-timer and place lots of books under the phone to get a good position.

Find Good Lighting

Natural sunlight can’t be beaten, but peak midday summer should be skipped as it’s too harsh and will make the image appear overexposed. Selfies taken before sunrise look the best, but the same effect can be executed under parasols, trees and verandas.

To enhance your face during selfies, the lighting needs to be on your level. You want the light source to be coming in eye-level, this is the most flattering as above lighting can make you look tired and below lighting can swing towards a horror movie.