The 4 Swim Trends You'll Be Seeing All Over Instagram

Instagram is our favorite place to discover new fashion brands, trends and inspirations. We’re turning to Instagram to see which swim trends we’ll be loving this year, whose wearing them and how we can put our own twist on it.
The Underboob Bikini

All of social media’s fashion-forward influencers are loving the barely-there bikini trends that cheekily displays the bottom of your boobs. A daring and playful look that works on all cup sizes, it’s flattering, and works will all types of tops, even one-pieces. The hashtag #underboob has spiked by over 25% this summer inspired by not just underboob bikinis but ripped t-shirts and cut out dresses.

Rita Ora and Nina Agdal are just some of the celebs who love this swimsuit trend and 2019’s Sports Illustrated Edition was filled with models like Danielle Herrington wearing bikinis designed to show the underboob.

While the underboob look can be achieved by wearing a bikini top a few sizes too small, some brands are designing with the intent to show the lower breast section. By choosing an explicitly designed piece it will fit comfortably, prevent exposure and enhance the rest of your body. This bold Rachel Neon bikini will turn heads with the cutout underboob detail.

High-Waisted Bottoms

A high-waist is perfect for those who want to wear a two-piece but want a little more coverage than a Brazilian bottom. High-waists are a classic, reminiscent of 50's pin ups yet they always feel sexy, cool and young. The iconic silhouette enhances any shape, making bums and waists look great. Shay Mitchell and Taylor Swift are just some of the celebs who love the retro throwback.

High-waisted bottoms suit every age and shape body, they are particularly flattering if you are a petite girl as it gives the illusion of an elongated body. High-waisted bottoms tactfully cover undesirable bulges around the midsection and gives plus-sized girls the look of a toned tummy.

High-waisted bottoms aren’t just the heavy retro briefs we are used to seeing but have been updated for the 21st century. These Angelica strappy bottoms give the silhouette of a high-waist brief but with edgy modern details like buckles and cut-outs.


Metallics can look cheap and super cheesy and we admit it’s not a trend for the faint of heart, but they are so much fun. A gold or silver-toned metallic swimsuit or bikini will allow you to shine (literally) in the sunshine. Kim Kardashian and Charli XCX are just two of the celebs embracing this bold trend.

We admit metallic bathing suits are not the most elegant or high-class look but they’re camp, fun and will bring you joy if you have the confidence to wear them. There is a time and a place to look elegant and a day on the beach or poolside is not it.

Just because the suit is metallic doesn’t mean you have to look like Princess Leia. Bikinis like this Ruby Gold one feel athletic whilst still embracing the trend.

 Polka Dots

2018 saw a revival of many retro prints including gingham and polka dots, and they are still going strong for summer 2019. Popular with Instagram brands and stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Nicole Kidman, the love for the spotty print has been rekindled.

 Polka dots are perfect because they are bold but not loud, feminine and flirty with strong retro connections. They speak to different styles from edgy girls to the demure. Polka dots work with almost any print and color, from block colors and brights to stripes and florals. A polka dot bikini like the Sofia is great for those who like to mix and match garments, prints and colors.